[Archive 7.16.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 7.16.14

1) Zenna Perkins, “Invented” The Adorables (Cryptogramophone)
2) The Books, “Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have them Again” Thought for Food (Tomlab)
3) DJ Female Convict Scorpio, “So This is Woodstock” WWZ
4) Steve Reich, “Clapping Music”
5) Panda Bear “track 5″ Young Prayer (Paw Tracks)
6) National Cynical Network, ECC & Wobbly, “The BEATLESnuff (OTE Version)”
7) Christian Marclay & Elliot Sharpe, “Blinding Shadow” High Noon (Intakt Records)
8) Experimental Audio Research, “Mood For a Summer Sundown” Phenomena 256 (Sympathy for the Records Industry)
9) The Alps, “Lover of Blondes” Easy Action (Mexican Summer) 2011
10) Daniel Bachman, “Blue Mass” Orange Co. Serenade (Bathetic)
12) Steve Gunn and Mike Gangloff, “First of Spring” Melodies for a Savage Fix (Important Records)
13) Steve Baczkowski and Ravi Padmanabah, “4.1.2012 part B”
14) Charles Dodge, “Side One” Earth’s Magnetic Field (Nonesuch)

[Archive: 7.2.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 7.2.14

1) Gordon Ashworth, “Suite for Broken Sex” S.T.L.A. (Orindal)
2) La Monte Young and Terry Riley, “Concerto for Two Pianists and Five Tape Recorders” (Live at Hertz Hall, 1961)
3) Tor Lundvall, “Grey Life” The Mist (Eternal Autumn Auditions)
4) Patrick Cowley, “Seven Sacred Pools” School Daze (Dark Entries)
5) Iasos, “Crystal Petals” Celestial Soul Portrait (Numero Group)
6) Brian Eno, “Tal Coat” Ambient 4: On Land (EG Records)
7) Cabaret Voltaire, “Silent Command” #7855 (Electro Punk to Techno Pop, 1978-1985) (Mute)
8) Solaris, “Alien Intrusion” The Waves of Evernow (Numero Group)
9) Mike Cooper, “Pharaoh’s March” Trout Steel (Paradise of Bachelors/Dawn)
10) Can, “True Story” The Lost Tapes (Mute)
11) Edvard Graham Lewis, “The Eel Wheeled” All Under (Editions Mego)
12) OOIOO, “Gamel Kamasu” Gamel (Thrill Jockey)
13) Cloud Becomes Your Hand, “Rat Jumps” Rocks or Cakes (Northern Spy)
14) Animal Collective, “Infant Dressing Table” Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks)
15) Nathan McLaughlin, “A4″ Line Drawings (Desire Path Recordings)
16) Uncertain, “Alpha +Omega”

[Archive 6.25.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 6.25.14

1) Gunn-Truscinski Duo, “Ocean Parkway” Ocean Parkway (Three Lobed Recordings)
2) Jerusalem in My Heart, “Amanem” Mo7it Al-Mo7it (Constellation)
3) John Fahey, “Sharks” Sea Changes & Coelacanths: A Young Person’s Guide to John Fahey (Table of Elements)
4) Jandek, “The World Stops” Guitar in the 21st Century (Quiet Design)
5) Death Blues, “Are” Non-Fiction (Sige Records)
6) Swans, “A Little God in My Hands” To Be Kind (Young God)
7) Cloud Becomes Your Hand, “Theme From Baby Age” Rocks Or Cakes (Northern Spy)
8) Jacob Gotlib, “A Sunless Room”
9) Craig Leon, “Donkeys Bearing Cups” Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos/Visiting (RVNG Intl.)
10) Naka Naka, “D3″ Right Sound, Right Place II (Pacific Psychedelia Tapes)
11) Hundread Waters, “No Sound” The Moon Rang Like A Bell (OWSLA)
12) M. Geddes Gengras, “Ishi” Ishi (Stones Throw)

[Archive 6.11.14 ft. Michael Vitrano of Desire Path Recordings]

The Upstate Soundscape, 6.11.14


1) Wrest, “Live in Toledo”
2) Nick Hennies, “Cast and Work (excerpt)”
3) Michael Pisaro, “Blues Fall” performed by Wooden Cities 10.25.13 at UB Center for the Arts
4) Charles Gordon, “Traum” S/T (House of Alchemy)
5) VWLS, “Got My Second Wind”
6) Nathan McLaughlin, “A-1″ Alice Sketches (Digitalis)
7) Joe Houpert, “A2″ Alice Sketches (Digitalis)
8) Josh Mason, “B3″ Alice Sketches (Digitalis)
9) Cody Yantis, “A3″ Line Drawings (Desire Path Recordings)
10) Joe Houpert, “A2″ Line Drawings (Desire Path Recordings)
11) Ollie Aarni, “3:19″ Studies 7″ (Desire Path Recordings/FET Press)
12) Mary Lattimore, “4:26″ Studies 7″ (Desire Path Recordings/FET Press)
13) Sam Salem, “The Sun Warms the Memory”
14) Ian William Craig, “On the Reach of Explanations” A Forgetting Place (Recital)
15) Lawrence English, “The Liquid Casket” Wilderness of Mirrors (Room 40)
16) Kyle Bobby Dunn, “Powers of None” Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness (Students of Decay)
17) Federico Durand, “Los ninos izan las estrallas can hilos de plata”El idioma de las luciernagas(Desire Path Recordings)
18) Janek Schaefer, “Radio 103 FM” Lay-by Lullaby (12k)

[Archive 6.4.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 6.4.14


1) Frank Zappa and the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra “Part 1″ Lumpy Gravy (Capitol Records)
2) Brigitte Fontaine, “Comme A La Radio” Comme A La Radio (Superior Viaduct)
3) Can, “Bel Air” Future Days (United Artists)
4) Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, “The Best Batch Yet” Doc at the Radar Station (Virgin)
5) Swans, “Screen Shot” To Be Kind (Young God/Mute)
6) SQURL, “Spooky Action at a Distance” Only Lovers Left Alive OST (ATP Recordings)
7) The Dead C, “Head” Tusk (Siltbreeze)
8) Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO, “Dark Star Blues (excerpt)” Astrograsm from the Inner Space (Important Records)
9) Sculpture, “5 Seconds in the Future is a You Made of Pure Thought” Membrane Pop (Software Recordings)
10) Kemialliset Ystävät “Vettä Yarahille” Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa (Dekorder)
11) Golden Retriever, “Sharp Stones” Seer (Thrill Jockey)

[Archive 5.21.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 5.21.14


1) Mike Cooper, “Trout Steel” Trout Steel (Paradise of Bachelors)
2) Steve Gunn, “Untitled” Steve Gunn/ Shawn David McMillen Split LP (DNT Records)
3) Steve Gunn and Mike Cooper, “Suadade Do Santos-o-Vehlo” FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos De Lisboa (RVNG Intl.)
4) Neil Young, “Guitar Solo No. 1″ Dead Man OST (Vapor)
5) Dusted Lux, “A Horse in the Orchard” Neverended (Preservation)
6) M. Mucci, “Along the Speed of River” Under the Tulip Tree (Tall House Recordings)
7) Low Prospects, “Broke Rraga” Discovery Zone (Bad Drone Media)
8) Leyland Kirby, “Wanting an Absolute Beyond” Intrigue & Stuff
9) The Residents, “The Sleeper” Residue of the Residents (Superior Viaduct)
10) Josh Millrod, “Cutting Out its Silhouette” Seeking the Millinery Kingdom (Solid Melts)
11) Petra Glynt, “Fantasy Fieldtrip” Of This Land (Healing Power)
12) Hoover Party, “Track 4″ Some Liquidity for These Troubled Times (Healing Power)
13) Blues Control, “Blues Danube” The Space Project (Lefse) NASA Space Voyager
14) Follakzoid, “Pulsar” II (Sacred Bones)

[Archive 5.14.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 5.14.14



1) Robin Rimbaud, “Experience” The Garden is Full of Metal/Homage to Derek Jarman (Sub Rosa)
2) Sarah Boothroyd, “Chance” Deep Wireless 10 (New Adventures in Sound Art)
3) Moe! Staino, “Block System With Overlaps” Tape Music (Dephine Knormal Musik)
4) Low Prospects, “Pretty Chill Throughout” Discovery Zone (Bad Drone Media)
5) Bo Anders Persson, “Invention I” Love is Here to Stay (Subliminal Sounds)
6) Daniel Padden, “Those Throats” Pause for the Jet (Dekorder)
7) Fennesz, “Liminality” Becs (Editions Mego)
8) Paper Armies, “Trying” Trying (Bridgetown Records)
9) William Basinski, “Melancholia XIV” Melancholia (Temporary Residence)
10) Walls/Oram, “Reflexions, Refractions, and Multiplications” Sound Houses (Ecstatic)
11) Space Lady, “Humdinger” The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits (Night School)
12) Keith Fullerton Whitman, “Whole Lotta Love”
13) Craig Leon, “One Hundred Steps” Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. I (RVNGIntl)
14) Sparklebomb vs. Kristachuwan, “R. Javara” The Upstate Soundscape Vol. III: Winter 2014
15) Golden Retriever, “Superposition” Seer (Thrill Jockey)


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