[Archive 5.13.15]

The Upstate Soundscape, 5.13.15



1) Morton Feldman, “Principal Sound” Organ Music from the USA (BIS)
2) Kamasi Washington, “Final Thought” The Epic (Brainfeeder)
3) Bitchin Bajas, “Marimba” Transporteur (Hands in the Dark)
4) MG, “Creeper” S/T (Mute)
5) Space Cubs, “Longings and Losses” The Fire and the Things Forgotten (Unspeakable Records)
6) Kim Cascone, “Edgeboundaries 123 (ben.sampl~ mix)” Dust Theories (c74)
7) Tyondai Braxton, “Boids” HIVE1 (Nonesuch)
8) Julien Champagne, “4’33 (Cave)” Deep Wireless 11 (New Adventures in Sound Art)
9) James Place, “High Rise (Rainier)” Living on Superstition (Umor Rex Records)
10) Sunburned Hand of the Man, “Parakeet Beat” Fire Escape (Smalltown Supersound)
11) Mira Calix, “Meeting You Seemed Easy” Bang on A Can All Stars Field Recordings (Canteloupe Music)
12) Moe! Staino, “Tape Piece No. 1 Collapse of Travel and Time” Tape Music (DKM Musik)
13) Helm, “Outerzone 2015″ Olympic Mess (Pan)

[Archive 5.6.15]

The Upstate Soundscape, 5.6.15


1) Oren Ambrachi & Jim O’Rourke, “Behold Two” Behold (Editions Mego)
2) BuffFluxus, “Robin Song at Dusk” The Resounding Roar Project
3) The No-Neck Blues Band, “Section 8″ Live at Ken’s Electric Lake (Locust Music) 1998
4) Sunroof!, “Twilight Theme Park” Delicate Autobahn Under Construction (VHF Records) 2000
5) People of the North, “The Whirling Gift” Era of Manifestations (Thrill Jockey)
6) Gnod, “Spinal Fluid” Infinity Machines (Rocket Recordings)
7) Jan St. Werner, “Molono” Miscontinuum Album (Thrill Jockey)
8) Mike Parker, “Forward – The 5 AM Mix” Pulse Trader (Prologue)
9) Helm, “I Exist in a Fog” Olympic Mess (Pan)
10) Mike Cooper, “The New Urban Slide – The Tiki Bar is Closed” Rayon Hula (Cabin Records)

[Archive 4.29.15]

The Upstate Soundscape, 4.29.15

1) Eternal Tapestry, “Lace Fern” Wild Strawberries (Thrill Jockey)
2) Mike Cooper, “Mele Manu – Ho ‘ okani Pila” Rayon Hula (Room 40)
3) Tim Buckley, “Star Sailor” Star Sailor (Straight Records)
4) Arthur Russell, “The Platform On the Ocean” Calling out of Context (Audika Recrods)
5) Lifted, “Medicated Yoga” 1 (Pan)
6) MG, “Hum” MG (Mute) Martin Gore
7) Sean McCann, “Sense of Life” Ten Impression for Piano and Strings (Root Strata)
8) Sun Araw, “Midnight Locker” Off Duty (Woodsist)
9) William Basinski, “Cascade”
10) John Cale, “Living With You (Laurel Halo Remix)” Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood
11) Nathan McLaughlin, “A4″ Line Drawings (Desire Path Recordings)
12) Ken Camden, “Curiosity” Dream Memory (Kranky)
13) Richard Youngs, “Illuminated Land” Naive Shaman (Jagjaguwar)
14) John Fahey, “Requiem for Molly (part 2)” Requia and Other Compositions for Guitar Solo (Vangaurd)
15) Gunn-Truscinski Duo, “Minetta River” Ocean Parkway (Three Lobed Recordings)
16) Aaron Dilloway, “Shiva Full Moon Ritual: Pashupatinath 2.24.05″ Sounds of Nepal Volumes 1-3 (Hanson Records)
17) My Nada Brahma, “Dha Te” Mission to Mount Everest (Epoch Music)

[Archive 4.15.15 ft. Guest Host Adam Richards]

The Upstate Soundscape, 4.15.15


1) Evan Miller, “Transfiguration on Lap Steel Guitar” Transfiguration on Lap Steel Guitar (Arbor)
2) Matt Valentine & Erika Elder, “Great Speckled Craft” Daybreak of Coca Cola & The Plumage Overtones of Black Patti (Child of Microtones)
3) Phil Yost, “Leska’s Evening Delight” Touchwoods
4) Jason Lescalleet, “I Don’t Like Sundays” This is What I Do Vol. 6 (Glistening Examples)
5) Arlt, “Tu mas encore creve un cheval” V.A.: Your Victorian Breasts (Three Four Records)
6) Chicago Underground Duo, “Bellatron” Synesthesia (Thrill Jockey)
7) Mike Kelly, “Silver Ball (Light and Color, Mostly)” (Table of Elements)
8) Departmetn of Harmonic Integrity, “Upon Starry Skies In Deck and Depth, A Whim, A Weft (Tymbal Tapes)
9) Desamadrados Soldados De Ventura, “Sycamore St. Shuffle” Interpreting Dimensional Express (Golden Lab Records)
10) William Burroughs, “Capt. Clark Welcomes You Aboard” Nothing Here Now But the Recordings (Dias)
11) Naked City, “Un Correspondence” Absinthe (Avant)
12) Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink “Fixed Elsewhere” The Topography of the Lungs (Roku)
13) Baczkowski/Padmanabha, “Lead” Tongue Rust and Lead Moth (Utech Records)
14) Julius Hemphill, “Rites” Dogon AD (Arista)
15) Maurizio Bianchi, “Amen Test” Amen Test (Dias)
16) Grant Smith, “Track 4″ Exploding Diseases (Tape Drift)
17) Matt Krefting, “Tiger’s Owl” Lymph Est (Kye)
18) Elsa Marie Pade, “Faust Suite: Prolog i Himlen” Electronic Works 1958-1995
19) Sean McCann, “Guardian” Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings (Root Strata)

[Archive 4.8.15]

The Upstate Soundscape, 4.1.15


1) Broken Water, “Beach” Wrought (Night People)
2) Lower Dens, “In the End is the Beginning” Nootropics (Ribbon Music)
3) Glenn Branca, “The Spectacular Commodity” The Ascension (99)
4) Axis:Sova, “Fractal Ancestry” Early Surf (God? Records)
5) Trailblazer, “Magic Hour” Magic Hour (River Girls)
6) Africa Express, “In C (excerpt)” In C Mali (Transgressive)
7) Tim Robertson, “Track 1″ Outer Planetary Church Music (Aguirre Records)
8) Mike Cooper, “Paumalu -Sunset Beach” Rayon Hula (Cabin Records)
9) Alice Coltrane, “Hare Krishna” Universal Consciousness (Impulse Records)
10) Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham, “Second” Youuu + Mee = Weeee (Sub Rosa)

[Archive 3.11.15]

The Upstate Soundscape, 3.11.15


1) Oren Ambrachi, “Tokyo Knots” Live Knots (Pan)
2) Jonas Munk, “Absorb” Absorb/Fabric/Cascade (El Parasio)
3) Bitchin Bajas, “Intervals” Krausened EP (Permanent Records)
4) BuffFluxus, “The Horn Call from The Sibelius Fifth” Resounding Road Project
5) Michael Gordon “(excerpt)” Dystopia (Cantaloupe Music)
6) Arthur Russell, “Sketch for the Face of Helen” First Thought Best Thought (Audika)
7) Beta Cloud, “What Dreams May Come” Sleepmode (Relaxed Machinery)
8) Steve Gunn & Black Twig Pickers, “Seasonal Hire” Seasonal Hire (Thrill Jockey)

[Archive 3.4.15]

The Upstate Soundscape, 3.4.15

1) The Machine Gun Co. with Mike Cooper, “So Glad (That I Found) You” S/T (Dawn Records)
2) Can, “Butterfly” Delay 1968 (Spoon Records)
3) Silver Apples, “Dust” S/T (Kapp Records)
4) C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, and Lasse Marhaug, “Tonight We Sleep Like Empty Hard drives” Wake Up Awesome (Software)
5) Zs, “Wolf Government” Xe (Northern Spy)
6) Dan Deacon, “Take it to the Max” Gliss Riffer (Domino)
7) Kaitlyn Auerlia Smith, “Glide” Euclid (Western Vinyl)
8) Ducktails, “Seagull’s Flight” Landscapes (Old English Spelling Bee)
9) Relatively Clean Rivers, “Babylon” S/T (Pacific Is)
10) John Fahey, “A Raga Called Pat – Part III” The Voice of the Turtle (Takoma)
11) Ryley Walker, “Sweet Satisfaction” Primrose Green (Dead Oceans)
12) Chapels, “(excerpt)” Night Thoughts (Obsolete Units)
13) Flatsitter, “LS110803″
14) Alfred Brown, “You Are Not Henry Putnam” Librarby Catalgo Music Series Vol. 16: Music for Moving in Slow Motion (Asthmatic Kitty Records)
15) Todd Peck, “Across the Rainbow Bridge” Adirondack Ocean
16) Mercury Rev, “A Soft Kiss for Waking Up” Deserter Songs (Deluxe Edition) (V2)
17) Daniel Lanoise, “Sketches” Belladonna (Anti- Records)
18) Gamalon, “Jungle Fever” S/T (Amherst Records)


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